Introduction of Polar’s latest main products

Polar is a comprehensive modern packaging machinery and equipment manufacturer engaged in R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of packaging machinery and related equipment and materials.

Main business: packaging machinery and equipment, pillow packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, sealing and cutting shrinking machine and packaging film, etc., the products are widely used in food, medicine, hardware, plastics, toys, chemicals, daily chemicals, daily necessities, electronic appliances, industrial Parts, disposable products and other industries.

The advantage of the pillow packaging machine is that it is multi-functional. Within a certain range, different product specifications and sizes can be easily compatible with packaging. The disadvantage is on the contrary, because the compatible range is large, so it takes a little time to adjust the machine to change the packaging of different products.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the vertical packaging machine are opposite to those of the pillow packaging machine. Generally, a vertical packaging machine is equipped with only one bag maker (former), so the packaging products are relatively single and the compatibility is poor, but it is Because the packaging products are relatively single, the machine operation is simple, the failure rate is also small, and the packaging efficiency is higher.

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The advantage of the heat shrinking wrapping machine is similar to the pillow packaging machine. It is also compatible with different product specifications and sizes within a certain range, but it is better than the pillow packaging machine in that it only needs to change the appropriate packaging film and fine-tune the sealing and cutting size to replace the product. Operation is simpler. The disadvantage is that the main applicable films are POF, PE, etc., and the selection of packaging materials is relatively narrow.

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In addition to the above intelligent packaging equipment, Polar also produces the main packaging films required by the equipment, including but not limited to: Bopp film, Bopp various composite films, PE various composite films, PO films, etc., committed to providing customers with complete packaging Technology and effect solutions save more manpower, material resources, money and time costs for customers!

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Post time: Mar-03-2023