Polar’s reflections on the industry situation

With the continuous improvement of social material civilization and spiritual civilization, the competition in the packaging machinery industry at home and abroad has become increasingly fierce, and the packaging machinery industry is facing new challenges. Multi-purpose, high-quality, high-efficiency, and intelligence will become the development direction of Polar's future packaging machinery products.

1. Multipurpose, high quality

Packaging is a necessary condition for commodities to enter the field of circulation. Following the packaging industry and consumers' consumption needs and consumption concepts, we will produce packaging machinery with higher quality. Polar smart devices have been seeking high-quality, personalized, and strong flexibility under the conditions of meeting functional requirements and safe production. This requires the equipment to be highly functional, able to adapt to different packaging forms, shapes, sizes, material structures and closure structures as standard functions, no need to add accessories or other customized solutions, and can comprehensively and effectively solve products for various purposes need.

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2. High efficiency and intelligence

Affected by factors such as increasingly fierce competition in the downstream industry market, large-scale and intensive production forms, and rising human resource costs, packaging equipment is playing an increasingly important role in the production process, with automation, high efficiency, intelligence, and energy saving. Advanced packaging equipment has been favored by downstream industries. Traditional packaging equipment is gradually combined with fieldbus technology, transmission control technology, motion control technology, automatic identification technology and safety detection technology, which makes our intelligent packaging equipment emerge as the times require and continue to improve.

Fully automatic, unmanned, and integrated packaging equipment is a great opportunity for vigorous development. Polar will continue to promote the overall competitiveness of smart packaging equipment in line with the trend of industrial automation.

3. Green and environmental protection

In addition, green environmental protection is an unchanging environmental theme in the future. For the packaging industry, which is closely related to people's lives, how to improve machinery, how to better comply with the concept of green production, and how to make production safer, more refined, and more suitable for demand Many other issues also require Polar to think carefully.

Post time: Apr-03-2023