Status of Chinese packaging machinery industry

Our country's packaging machinery industry started relatively late. After the reform and opening up, with the increasing development of the national economy and the continuous progress of human society, the demand for packaging machinery in the industrial market has continued to increase. Coupled with the extensive attention and policy support of the government, China's packaging machinery has risen rapidly. , becoming one of the ten pillar industries of my country's machinery industry.

Packaging machinery products are widely used, including food, medicine, electronic appliances, chemical industry, military industry, warehousing and logistics and other industries. At present, the annual output value of my country's packaging machinery industry maintains an annual growth rate of about 16%. Where there are commodities, there is packaging. Packaging has gradually evolved into a marketing tool, and consumers' demand for packaging convenience and product information is also increasing. The rapid development of my country's printing and packaging machinery industry not only basically meets the needs of domestic consumption and commodity export, but also plays an important role in protecting commodities, facilitating logistics, promoting sales, and serving consumption.

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Packaging machinery is further developing in the direction of high speed, high efficiency and high quality. The huge market development space and superior development environment have attracted many multinational companies and private capital to enter the printing and packaging machinery industry. Foreign companies are striving for the domestic market and local companies are striving to move forward. Large-scale, multi-functional, automated, linked, and serialized models and models are also increasing day by day in the market environment. The future trend is considerable, the development potential is unlimited, and the industry competition is becoming more and more fierce.

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Post time: Apr-03-2023